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LEKAM Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.

LEKAM Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
(Przedsiębiorstwo Farmaceutyczne LEK-AM Sp. o.o.)

LEKAM Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. is one of the most dynamically developing pharmaceutical companies on the Polish market. At present the company employs over 440 people and this number is gradually growing together with an expansion of individual company’s divisions.
The production of company’s products is located in Zakroczym near Warsaw. Production is based in a modern pharmaceutical plant and a laboratory equipped with the highest quality devices. Production lines and laboratory operate according to European standards and a team of qualified and professional staff ensures the conformance with these standards. Methods of manufacturing meet all requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and products for clinical studies are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and GMP. Increasing production capacities goes together with consistent implementation of the newest technologies of drug production in order to ensure the highest quality of offered products.
Due to the constant development, this company can offer its employees an interesting work with possibilities of constant raising their qualifications and additional trainings, competitive remuneration with bonus system, as well as medical care and comfortable work conditions. In registering new products, LEK-AM closely cooperate with leading clinical centers of medical academies and scientific institutions in Poland and abroad. Research work is conducted in consistence with procedural requirements applied in European Union. What distinguishes and is a characteristic for LEK-AM’s drugs – present and those prepared for implementation – is an attractive price.

Contact information:

Trade Office
Jana Pawła II 80 Av. 00-175 Warsaw
tel: +48 22 464 45 00 , +48 22 635 80 41
fax: +48 22 635 73 10
email: biuro@lekam.pl

Ostrzykowizna 14A Street, 05-170 Zakroczym
tel: +48 22 785 20 69
fax: +48 22 785 27 60
email: biuro@lekam.pl


LEKAM Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. is expanding both on the Polish pharmaceutical market as well as on International markets. LEKAM combines a homogeneous product portfolio, efficient leadership and highly skilled employees, that allowed the company to quickly gain recognition in the pharmaceutical industry.


Strength and size: 5, 10, 15, 30 mg x 28 tablets

This product is made by LE-KAM.

Arutin complex

Strength and size: 366 mg x 90 coated tablets

This product is made by LE-KAM.


Strength and size: 852 mg x 30, 60 coated tablets

This product is made by LE-KAM.

Figurin Slim

120 & 60 tablets (618 mg & 788 mg)

This product is made by LE-KAM.

Melatonina LEK-AM


This product is made by LE-KAM.

Ocumax Hydro

Strength and size: 745 mg x 30 capsules

This product is made by LE-KAM.

Orton Flex sachets

Strength and size: 11,65 g x 10, 30 sachets

This product is made by LE-KAM.


Strength and size: 894 mg x 30, 60 tablets

This product is made by LE-KAM.


Strength and size: 774 mg x 30 tablets

This product is made by LE-KAM.